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For presentations prior to 2021, please see an archive list here or have a look at my slide share page.

📣 Recent presentations & interviews

Bristol MLOps Meetup Monzo’s machine learning stack
April 13, 2023
Available on YouTube

Evidently Community AMA Session
January 26, 2023
Blog post recap

AI Stories Podcast Interview by Neil Leiser
January 2022
Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

MLOps Community Coffee Session with Chris Albon
December 7, 2021.
Available on YouTube and Spotify.

apply() Conference Panel: Building High-Performance ML Teams
August 11, 2021.

Applying ML Mentor interview
July 2021

Monzo Community AMA Session
June 28, 2021

Data Talk Club Mini: Model Store
July 6, 2021.
Available on YouTube

FinML Meetup Round table on model monitoring and testing
April 7, 2021.
Available on YouTube

London.AI Everything around the NLP
February 25th, 2021.
Available on YouTube

Data Talks Club Using machine learning for customer service
January 26, 2021.
Available on YouTube

📰 Press

Practical Skills for The AI Product Manager
O’Reilly. May 2020.

The tipping point of AI FOMO
Finextra. February 2020.

Alinea Meets: Neal Lathia - Machine Learning Lead at Monzo
Alinea Interview. December 2019.

Monzo: how the bank of the future uses AI
Top Business Tech. August 2019.

Data driven smartphone banking with Monzo
DataIQ. April 2019.

Interview at the Deep Learning in Finance Summit
ReWork Deep Learning in Finance. London, April 2019.

Machine learning and data are powering Monzo’s fintech disruption
The Drum. April 2019.

How Monzo data management team aims to enable better internal decisions
Compelo. April 2019.

Mindfulness boosts student mental health during exams, study finds
The Guardian. December 2017.

Eight weeks of mindfulness reduces stress in students during exam times, according to Cambridge University academics who carried out the largest study of its kind
The Daily Mail. December 2017.

Get Up and Move. It May Make You Happier
New York Times. January 2017.

Physical activity, even in small amounts, benefits both physical and psychological well-being
Cambridge University News, January 2017.

Feature: Can your mobile phone make you healthier?
Science Magazine. December 2015.

Feature on Mobile Medicine (PDF)
MRC Network Magazine. December 2014.

Bike shares can be perfect!: Solving the commuting algorithm
Salon. October 2013.

How do you Feel? Your Computer Knows
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 57 No. 1, Pages 24-26

New Smartphone App Can Tell Scientists Just What Makes Us Happy
The Times, May 2013.

Emotion Sense ‘Pocket Therapist’ App Claims To Track Your Mood
Huffington Post, May 2013.

App taps phone and personal clues to your happiness
BBC News, May 2013.

Mood-tracking app paves way for pocket therapy
Cambridge University News, May 2013.

Feeling blue? New app may tell you why
The Times of India, May 2013.

Emotion Sense, l’app che trasforma lo smartphone in uno psicoterapeuta tascabile
International Business Times (Italy), May 2013

Are You Happy? An App Tries To Raise Our Collective Mood
Forbes, March 2013.

Crunch commuter data to track changing communities
New Scientist. April 2012.

Are your travel habits making journeys more expensive?
BBC News. May 2011.

Predicting movie reviews bags team $1m prize
New Scientist. June 2009.