James Lee

Dr. Neal Lathia


Easy M

Easy M is a generic app for experience sampling (ESM) research, much like its predecessors (e.g., MyExperience). It has been used by a variety of universities to study mood, wellbeing, anxiety, depression, and more; the app can also be used to capture behavioural data from smartphone sensors.

Project Page

Smartphone Sensing and Accelerometer Classification

Design and prototype of an app for monitoring and predicting nocturnal enuresis (Dri-Nite).
With: Azure Indigo.
2014 - 2015.

Mobile Recommendations

Design, prototype, and evaluation of a recommender system for a smartphone app (Latrl).
With: Near Future Laboratory and Centro de InnovaciĆ³n BBVA.

Quantified App Design

Research consultancy on design of behaviour-change smartphone app for a UK-based charity.

Financial Data Analysis

Spatio-temporal analysis of financial transactions.
With Near Future Laboratory and Centro de InnovaciĆ³n BBVA.

Hospitality Data Science

Data Science and data-driven design workshops with a major UK-based hotel chain.
With Data Science London.

Music Data Hackathon

Design and preparation of the musicdatascience.com hackathon.
With Data Science London and EMI Insight.